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Dusk Travellers 


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A town in the desert of Australia once known for the heavy industries of mining and steel has a new glamorous attraction. A prison where the worst criminals aren’t just locked away but are used to satisfy the hungers of a new type of visitor, vampires. With the steady infl ux of vampires, the town must struggle with its new identity as humans and vampires fi ght to control the hottest new tourist destination, The Vamp Strip. Detective Jenkins is a local offi cer trying to fi nd a sense of order through this confl ict. A pattern of recent murders occurring on the bustling Vamp Strip drive him to source help from an unlikely partner, a vampire. Gillian is an older vampire with a hazy past that brings a new perspective to the case. In a town where nothing is as it seems and nothing is as it was, can Detective Jenkins and Gillian work with both the human’s and vampires of the town to unlock the truth?

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Always wanting to create and make something of my own, whether good or bad was just a dream that was never attainable. The doubt was there from the beginning which I would lock away and never do anything about. That nagging feeling grew day by day and started to gnaw at my consciousness more and more. I only had a small idea for a book but it was my idea.
The more I thought about my story and my characters the feeling of guilt of not writing or at least trying became intense.
One day I opened the laptop and started to type away like a mad possesed cat, writing misspelled word after another. This is the story I have written and hopefully you will enjoy the world of vampires that I have created as much as I do.

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"I was hoping that the exhilaration I saw in Claire's eyes would not come back and haunt me"

Thomas Malcom

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