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Launch Date Announcement

It's been too long. Before I explain what I've been up to its only right that I announce the release date of Dusk Travellers.

The Dusk Travellers launch party will be on the 20th of January 2024 (AEST).

My book will be available to order online as a physical copy or as an eBook. I have certain plans in motion for the launch of my book but i will let you know more closer to the date.

Now.... what took so long?

Last time we spoke the book as far as I knew was finished. Being an impatient chef, I was ready to release my book but that would have been unfair to the reader.

My sister in-law and I spent weekend after weekend for almost two years editing the book making sure that it was ready for the public. As my dad said to me “you can only release your first book once”. Which is right. And with that being said, I took the information in with a big breath and began making Dusk Travellers the best it can be.

Making a book that I am proud of for myself and for anyone else that reads Dusk Travellers is very important and I take that seriously. I have more to say but for now I say thank you for your patience and we will talk soon.

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