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So Long Dusk Travellers and thanks for all the memories..

First, thank you. I have been overwhelmed with the support I have received with the book launch of Dusk Travellers. I was lucky enough to have my parents and my sister over from the U.K. to celebrate. My sister, Lisa, flew out of the U.K for just a week to be there.  

Having friends and family travel interstate or change travel plans made me very appreciative. The evening, which was held at The Sunnyside Tavern, was a great success. The Q&A was hosted by Dr Rachel Morley who done a fantastic job of tying the night together by asking great questions and making a warm and enjoyable evening. I have met and been supported by some amazing people and that is why the evening was a celebration of people being together. 


I am self-publishing Dusk Travellers which means I am also in charge of advertising my book. This is another learning curve but so far, I am enjoying it. I am continuing to write the sequel to Dusk Travellers and hopefully with what I have learnt it will not take as long. There will be posts from me on my blog to let people know how the release of Dusk Travellers is going.  

I try not to mention that I had cancer five years ago as my life is not about that anymore. But with me having my five-year cancer check completed and then launching Dusk Travellers a week later it felt like it had come full circle. I love Dusk Travellers; I love the way it has changed me. It has given me passion, a passion for life, to push myself forward and try new endeavors.  

Thank you, Dusk Travellers, but it is time to say goodbye, goodbye to that part of my life. I will be forever grateful but most of all to the family and friends that have supported me the whole time and for that I love you. 

See you soon 

Cheers Carl 

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